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Calcium Carbonate Powder Bulk | Best Calcium Carbonate Brands in Iran

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What is calcium carbonate formula?Is limestone a calcium carbonate powder?What is the pH of calcium carbonate?All about calcium carbonate and its different varieties Food grade calcium carbonate distributors In Iran100% Pure edible calcium carbonate powder for export Calcium carbonate export data in 2019 in Asia

Calcium carbonate powder bulk is one of the best-selling types of minerals produced by the petrochemical industry in various countries. Calcium carbonate powder in industries such as plastic, polymer, rubber, wire and cable manufacturing, PVC pipe, ceramic tile, building paint, oil well drilling, granule, welding electrode, traffic paint, adhesive, paper industry, and many more Other industries are used in various forms. calcium carbonate micronized can be purchased from petrochemical companies. The purchase of calcium carbonate can be done in person or through online websites. Buying from big sellers can make an economical purchase for the customer.

Calcium Carbonate Powder Bulk | Best Calcium Carbonate Brands in Iran

What is calcium carbonate formula?

What is calcium carbonate formula?

Calcium carbonate is a caco2 chemical name. It is a white solid that is abundantly found in rocks all over the world and is a bulk density of calcium carbonate in aragonite, limestone, marble, and travertine. It dissolves very little in water. But in water that is soluble in CO2, completely dissolved, it creates calcium carbonate. Dissolution of calcium carbonate in running water that has some soluble Co2 causes hardness in water.

Soap does not foam well in running water, but the hardness of carbonate and calcium bicarbonate is temporary, eliminated by Boiling water. Stalagmites and stalactite within the caves were created by the reaction of limestone with waters containing co2.

Calcium carbonate is found in two crystalline forms, with calcite being hexagonal and aragonite rhombohedra. Numerous industries calcium carbonate uses. Among the industries that use calcium carbonate mainly, the following can be mentioned.

  • Paint industry
  • Rubber & Plastics Industry
  • Detergent industry
  • Drilling industry
  • Electrodes industry
  • Cable & Wire Manufacturing Industries

Micronized calcium carbonate is used in the paint industry as a filler. In the plastics and rubber industry, micronized calcium carbonate powder is used as filler and crop resistance to heat and hardness, as well as to prevent plastic softness and elongation.

The most important plastic filler is calcium carbonate which increases thermal, tensile and hardness. Calcium carbonate is the most common plastic filler. The reason for using this mineral is because of its low price, low oil absorption, ease of use with ordinary means, excellent luminosity and softness.

Micronized calcium carbonate powder is widely used in the manufacture of detergents for the production of special and soft sized bleaches. In the drilling industry, micronized calcium carbonate powder is commonly used to lubricate the drilling mud. calcium carbonate is used in the manufacture of cables and wires for coating and insulating materials.

Is limestone a calcium carbonate powder?

Is limestone a calcium carbonate powder?

Calcium carbonate is known as calcite, aragonite, and marble and its most important minerals are aragonite, limestone, marble, and travertine. The chemical formula is calcium carbonate CaCO3. The pure form of calcium carbonate is white in appearance and the gross type is white. The calcium carbonate density is decomposed at 71.2- 83.2 g / cm³ at 825 ° C. The molecular shape is linear and non-flammable. But Is limestone a calcium carbonate powder? In fact, the other name is limestone calcium carbonate.

In fact, this mineral is known by various names in various industries. The extraction of calcium carbonate is in the form of rocks, but as most industries require powdered calcium carbonate, it must be crushed and powdered in various ways.

Calcium carbonate stone powder is one of the cheapest and most effective fillers in the industry that is produced by grinding limestone, marble and travertine using special mills. Powdered calcium carbonate is marketed in two ways.

  1. Calcium carbonate powder
  2. Micronized calcium carbonate

Calcium carbonate powder is widely used in manufacturing and construction industries. The highest use of this powder is in the metallurgy and metal smelting industries. Calcium carbonate powder is used to reduce costs, improve performance, correct chemical properties, prevent fungal infiltration and improve rubber, PVC and polymers.

Calcium carbonate is a mineral that in addition to its presence in the construction industry, laboratories, etc., is also present in food and medicine. In its industrial type, limestone, gypsum, and marble can be mentioned. One of the most important purchases for dairy farmers is calcium carbonate from animal feed. This mineral is easily supplied with calcium needed for livestock.

What is the pH of calcium carbonate?

What is the pH of calcium carbonate?

Calcium carbonate is a calcium carbonate salt formulated with CaCO3 for industrial and oral use. It has anti-acid properties and is a monocarbon compound. Appears white in color, odorless powder, and colorless crystals and insoluble in water. Calcium carbonate is mainly derived from limestone mines. But what is the pH of calcium carbonate?

The question of whether calcium carbonate is acidic or open for various purposes is raised. The use of materials with different pH and acidic states and different gamma causes chemical reactions and overall change of materials. The higher the pH of a compound, the material becomes alkaline and the less it becomes acidic.

Calcium carbonate has a pH of about 9, which is an alkaline material and its crystalline structure is triangular. At 1339 or 825 ° C, it decomposes into calcium oxide and carbon dioxide.

The reaction of calcium carbonate with various acids such as sulfuric acid, hydraulic acid, acetic acid is one of the most important reactions in chemistry. Because these reactions are very common in the production of various chemicals, the production of certain types of drugs and in the food industry.

calcium carbonate powder lowes need to be taken. Because it may have its disadvantages in addition to its good benefits. Calcium carbonate is widely used in agriculture, industry, and pharmaceuticals.

Calcium carbonate is a safe, non-chemical and inexpensive material that contains high amounts of absorbable calcium and an excellent filler and can be easily processed. Taken together, these factors make it widely used.

All about calcium carbonate and its different varieties

All about calcium carbonate and its different varieties

The formulation and chemical structure of each substance determines its properties and functions. Calcium carbonate is made up of atoms of calcium, oxygen, and carbon. The molecules of this material give rise to a triangular and hexagonal crystal structure. Calcium carbonate is a mineral so it is very hard and thermodynamically stable.

The type of structure created and the formation environment affect the type of calcium carbonate. It can be chemically formed in the three structural states of calcite, aragonite, and vitreous in nature, each with its own chemical properties. Types of calcium carbonate can be classified from three perspectives.

  • Structural
  • Productive
  • Industrial

Calcium carbonate is made in both natural and synthetic forms. Its natural form has been created by the deposition of marine organisms over millions of years and is classified into various types, such as calcite, aragonite, and marble, due to its crystalline structure.

Calcite is more abundant in nature because of its more stable crystalline structure. Inorganic calcium carbonate is present in rocks and rocks in the mines and can be extracted. This product is known as ground calcium carbonate.

Sedimentary calcium carbonate, known as precipitated calcium carbonate, is not extracted from the mines. Chemicals are used to produce this material. This product is of higher quality than the natural type and has less impurity. When producing the type of crystalline structure this material is chosen as desired.

Food grade calcium carbonate distributors In Iran

Food grade calcium carbonate distributors In Iran

Edible calcium carbonate is one of the types of minerals that has many uses and uses. One of the uses of edible calcium carbonate is in the food and pharmaceutical industries. Edible calcium carbonate is a powder known as calcium carbonate powder. This type of powder is used as an enrichment or stabilizer in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

It is interesting to know that this powder has no harm to the human body and is completely pure. They also use granulated calcium to feed livestock and poultry. Calcium Carbonate has many applications in the food and pharmaceutical industries and its purity for edible uses should be 99%.

Calcium carbonate is very affordable as a filler in the food industry. Basic calcium carbonate is a constituent of living things. The skeletal structure of humans and all animals are made of calcium, so every living thing needs this element to survive.

Calcium carbonate and other calcium compounds are essential to maintain bone strength and prevent diseases such as osteoporosis and gastrointestinal problems such as reflux and prevent hyperphosphatemia in renal patients. Oral calcium carbonate intake should be higher especially in women, children and the elderly. Among the applications of calcium carbonate in the food industry are the following.

  • Improvement of tissue texture and volume in bulk cereals and reduction of adhesion of snacks to teeth
  • Improved texture and crispness in wafer biscuits
  • Suitable substitute for starch in bread improvers to increase product shelf life
  • Complete replacement for starch or flour in baking powder as well as moisture absorber to increase product shelf life and help increase Co2 volume production
  • Enrichment agent in all usable products
  • Healthy and economical replacement for titanium dioxide

100% Pure edible calcium carbonate powder for export

100% Pure edible calcium carbonate powder for export

Calcium carbonate is available in two types. The first type, derived from the earth’s crust, has impurities and is therefore used only in construction. But the second type, as mentioned, is completely pure and is available in a variety of medicines and foods. 100% Pure edible calcium carbonate powder for export is made by petrochemical companies to other countries. Petrochemical plants in Iran produce and export various types of edible calcium carbonate.

The exports of this product have increased significantly in recent years due to the welcome of foreign customers. The most important reason is the high quality of raw materials used in the production of calcium carbonate powder and the very reasonable price of the Iranian product.

The price of calcium carbonate is determined by various components such as purity, color, and size. The smaller the mineral grading, the more widespread it can be used in more sensitive industries. However, the production of high purity edible calcium carbonate powder is a bit difficult and therefore higher in price.

The largest petrochemical companies in Iran produce and export calcium powder for various purposes. In these complexes it is possible to produce and export calcium carbonate used in construction and road industries, calcium carbonate for livestock and poultry feed, paper and paperboard production, paint and coating production, rubber making, plastic and polymer production and so on.

The manufactured products of these factories include calcium carbonate mesh, 200, 325, 400, 800,600, 10001250 1500, 2500 and 3500 and are supplied in various packages such as 25kg to 30kg bags, pallets, and shearing as well as jumblebags. Exports of calcium carbonate from Iran are mostly directed to neighboring countries such as Iraq, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Qatar, Oman, UAE, Dubai, Armenia, India, and Russia.

Iraq is a rebuilding country that is in dire need of construction materials, including various types of calcium carbonate. It imports large quantities of minerals, including calcium carbonate, from Iran annually. Calcium carbonate exported to Iraq is of rock, grade and powder type that is easy to dispatch.

Iraq is one of the most important export destinations of calcium carbonate produced by petrochemical companies. Turkey, as one of the neighboring countries of Iran and an industrial country, imports fine-grained calcium carbonate such as 2500 and 3500 mesh calcium carbonate. The export of calcium carbonate to Turkey is mainly for use in industries such as plastics and polymer production, rubber making and paint and resin production.

Calcium carbonate export data in 2019 in Asia

Calcium carbonate export data in 2019 in Asia

Calcium carbonate is one of the most consumed minerals that can meet the needs of many industries due to its many properties. Manufacturers in this field strive to utilize high-quality raw materials and technologies to produce a product that, in addition to meeting their domestic market needs, exports it to other countries. Calcium carbonate export data in 2019 in Asia indicates an unprecedented growth in the consumption of this mineral.

The countries of India and China in the Asian continent are leading the production of this product. calcium carbonate powder price in India is more suitable than other producing countries.

Iran as one of the main petrochemicals in the Asian continent annually exports a significant portion of its calcium carbonate production to other countries. Exports of powdered and micronized calcium carbonate in different aggregates and packages are made through the factories of this product to neighboring countries.

This mineral is very important in various industries and the neighboring countries are in dire need of this product. Thousands of tons of calcium carbonate are exported annually from the country, making it suitable for traders and exporters.

Exports of this product, like other industrial products, require customs clearance and related formalities in the destination countries. For the sale of calcium carbonate, steps must be taken, such as the truck carrying the product, the customs declaration of goods, the necessary documents for export and the coordination between the manufacturer and the exporter.

Failure to comply with the above may make exporting this product difficult for exporters. Proper planning and marketing can boost exports of this product. Neighboring countries, especially Turkey, Iraq and Azerbaijan, and later the Gulf states, could be considered as target markets for the export of calcium carbonate.

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